About Girlie Grip

  • Girlie Grip is the newest Pole Grip Solution to hit the industry in years.
  • A few drops are all you need for a firm, confident, long lasting non-slip grip.
  • You can stick a trick and still spin easily without re-applying.
  • Apply it to the pole or your body, wherever a firmer, stronger grip is needed.
  • Girlie Grip has a light fresh scent.
  • It’s non-drying, leaves no residue, and washes off with soap and water.
  • Girlie Grip is for Pole Dance, Pole Fitness and Pole Sport.
  • It can also be used for many sports where a firm, strong, confident non-slip grip is needed, including Golf, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting, Rock Climbing, tennis and pickleball.

About the Creator
Sue picture

I began taking pole dancing 13 years ago. I fell in love with the dance, the pole tricks, the movement, the workout, and the feeling of empowerment and freedom. My core became stronger, my body fit and agile, and my curves more fluid. It became such a passion for me that I became a teacher 12 years ago. As I learned new pole tricks, I always seemed to have a difficult time getting a good strong grip on the pole. My hands would get sweaty, slippery, and slide off the pole. I tried different products made for Pole and Sports Grips, but they didn’t seem to last or help at all. If I did stick, I couldn’t spin. If I could spin, I had to re-apply after each trick. Many of my students had the same problems. My solution – I decided to come up with a better Pole Grip Solution that met every one of my needs!

I designed Girlie Grip! Girlie Grip is the Ultimate Pole Grip Solution. It’s light, effective, and provides the long lasting non-slip grip that’s needed to execute the simplest or the most difficult tricks. It works for all Levels of Pole enthusiasts, from Beginners to Advanced Dancers thru Competition level..