“Girlie grip is the best grip product out there, it is the only one I ever use. I basically live off it! I am very proud to be a brand ambassador of such a fine product.”
– Rafaela Montanaro
US Pole Sports Federation – 1st Place Twice
2016 – IPSAF World Pole Sports Champion and highest score of the whole event – Florence
2016 – IPSF World Pole Sports Champion, and world record holder- London

“I love Girlie Grip so much! No matter what I do, either performing or competition, I always choose Girlie Grip! It’s the right amount of stick for me without the slippy residue that other products have. I always recommend it for polers who want the stick but without the extra ‘sappy tack’. Perfect for moves such as spins on static, flow-ey transitions, and handsprings. This stuff is the BOMB!!!!”
– Brian Wolf
Winner – Mr. Pole Dance America

“I can’t say enough great things about Girlie Grip! As a studio owner and pole dance instructor, this is the first grip that I have my students use and it definitely helps achieve more grip on the pole. It is the number one seller in the studio. Sue is always a pleasure to work with. Her packages are always delivered quickly and I receive everything in great condition.”
– Julia Vallejos
Owner, Lifted Body Studio

“Girlie Grip eases my hesitations. When you’re enjoying your movement around the pole and trying new things, the last concern you want on your mind is having enough hand grip to freely explore. It gives me confidence in my hand grip for spin pole floats and static pole suspensions, allowing me to enjoy the feeling of flight in a much more enjoyable way.”
– Rachele Ribera

“Girlie Grip is the best Pole Grip I’ve used. It dries fast and doesn’t leave a chalky residue. It creates a grip on the pole without being too sticky. Also smells really good which is the icing!”
– Rachel N.

“Girlie Grip has opened up a whole new world for what is possible on the pole.”
– Dana Green

“Girlie Grip dried up my sweat and kept my hands dry longer that any other product out there.”
– Mirian

“It enhanced the dance. I didn’t have to worry about my grip or sticking my tricks.”
– Dani R.